Our pleaser to make Solar PV manufacturing plant to continue their production & fulfilling their commitment.

Place: Not disclosed.

Company’s profile: Client is the solar PV manufacturing firm, with one of the India’s largest business houses with businesses spanning across Resources, logistics, energy, agriculture and ancillary industries.


  • Increased production difficulties in the hot summer months due to VAM failure, with lower supply of energy during plant shutdown.
  • Chilled water performs the important role of cooling in solar manufacturing process and the situation was critical with increased financial losses.


  • Experts at Shah Engineering suggested and planned a complete cooling package to satisfy their requirement for 4500 TR cooling capacity along with all peripheral accessories, Electrical distribution system with step down transformer – 11 MVA 11KV/415V and chilled water piping of 1000mm diameter and 2.5 km long with valves and fittings. The complete installation was performed within the set time limit of 28 days.


  • Customer achieved ideal temperature control system of HSD and MS at filling area.

Why they chose us?

  • Understanding / studying of the situation with complete efficiency.
  • Availability of equipment
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Fast delivery
  • Reliable service support.


Process Cooling

Cooling solutions to remove heat from a process. Helps maintaining a constant fluid temperature and flow regardless of the load to continue process with desire production.

Bridge Cooling

Cost-effective, additional cooling to cope up critical needs such as seasonal heat waves and business peaks. Bridge cooling lets you conserve capital instead of purchasing equipment used only at certain times of the year.

Rapid cooling

An essential service requirement during shutdown and planned maintenance to make equipment available for maintenance operating at very high temperature to reduce unproductive time during shut down.

Emergency requirement

Helping to cope up emergency cooling and/or power requirement during a breakdown, grid conflict, natural calamities, fire incidences or any accidents resulting in non-availability of cooling and/or power generating equipment. A must solution to restore such services in a short span of time for a temporary period.

Planned Shutdown requirement

A well-planned and thoroughly investigated solution that avoids disruptions in providing cooling and/or power due to facility shutdowns for maintenance, renovation, etc. A safe, mobile & modular and plug and play featured equipment helps you to continue with production during a planned shutdown of such utilities.

Trial & Test for safe investment

All trials and errors prechecked before installing the unit into the facility in order to avoid the hindrance of post-installation complaints, services, and hassles.