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Shah Engineering is well-aware about emergency or temporary need of cooling equipment or power generators in navy ships and oil exploration related vessels. We specialize in offering exact cooling or power solutions through our rental products that meets highest standards of quality and performance.

Here is what we conclude by your research:

Ships has to undergo their thousands of nautical miles journey alone in the sea to delivery the good to move country’s economy, Navy ships has to be ready to address any situation to keep the country safe and secure, Ships related to Oil and Gas industries like Floating production storage and offloading platform, vessel with Drilling rig, Drilling ships, Jack up rigs, etc. all these ships / platforms / Rigs are purely depending on them on board equipment during their offshore operation. Preventive maintenance is the very critical in this industry and Shah Engineering provide them interim support with our rental solution for Power and Cooling need during their maintenance time. We are also equipped to support ship in case of breakdown.

Well! We Understand Shipping Industry

Shah Engineering has experienced how the shipping industry works. By acquiring domain knowledge, we make sure to address the exact requirements of our shipping clients. Whether it is a Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) unit, a container ship, or a military vessel, we understand what can go off the hook and what can be done to keep it running.

Never run out of power – We provide emergency power and comfort cooling options while the ship afloat or stands at the port, with our backup generators and temperature control rental solutions.

Maintain your ships like a Pro – How about powering up your ship systems during the ongoing maintenance work? From using the dehumidification system for drying up new paint to powering the ship’s online system, we have certified equipment from technologically advanced partners. It will certainly ease out the functional pressure exerted over the ship’s engine.

We can excitedly say, “Hop Aboard” and sail away with more power and unlimited support from our team.