Reinforcing the pharmaceutical industry. Favorable temperature control. Unhindered Growth.

India has a global presence in the pharmaceutical domain. According to the Indian government’s “Make in India” portal, over 50% of worldwide demand for many vaccines is fulfilled by the Indian pharmaceutical industry, which constitutes 40% of generic drugs being consumed in the US and 25% of all the medicines being distributed in the UK. This growth is the result of technological advancements in the field of discovering, manufacturing, and delivering drugs. The processes are well supported by devices that analyze the chemical compositions, manufacture drugs, store them in optimal condition, packaging, and safe delivery to the consumers. Thus, there is an urgent need for quality temperature control and power-efficient solutions to facilitate the unhindered growth of the Indian pharmaceutical sector, along with the Indian economy. And we are on it.

How Shah Engineering Fits in the Pharmaceutical Industry’s Need

Medicines and drugs made for sincere projects requires significant focus on individualistic tailoring of project plans to deal with emergencies and pharmaceutical contingencies, which is understood by Shah Engineering, hence facilitating with highly qualified products and processing is a must for the firm and its standing on the core values! New drugs, health care products and life-saving vaccines been produced daily requires precise temperature control, process cooling and powering equipped with technologically advanced products of present times. Shah Engineering recognizes the importance of rental power, temperature control and dehumidification equipment which are pre-tested, assessed and qualified hence providing with certified diesel power generators, chillers, Air Handlers , air conditioners, heaters, and Heat Exchangers.

You now have all the right reasons to choose our industrial cooler and DG set on rent. Getting in touch with one of our requirement analysts would be the first step towards a stable cooling and power facilities within your pharma units.