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Empowering Indian Industries. Cost-Effective Power Solutions. Supporting Indian Economy

Who else will understand the efficient use of energy than the oil & gas industry itself? Our oil & gas industry dates to 1889. Since then, modern equipment and methods have been employed for extracting the quality supply and finding new reserves in the country. The process of exploration, extraction, refining, and transportation carried out in this industry consumes a high level of power. Cutting down on the operational cost by employing power-efficient solutions is one way to save precious bucks along with contributing towards a better environment.

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India is the 3rd largest energy and oil consumer in the world after China and the US. We import 82% of our oil needs, and the intention is to lower this down to 65% by the year 2022. Plus, there is a need for a collective contingency plan to control the price hikes for the fuel. Many factors will help in this mission; expediting the migration to electric mobility, expanding the biofuel blending in petrol, and stimulating exports are the being the starters. Also, Shah Engineering suggests the oil & gas industry to opt for industrial power and cooling solutions on rent. It will provide cost-effectiveness by lowering down the operational and maintenance cost of the power and cooling equipment on the site. The equipment will fit just right into your cost-saving budget, without compromising on the quality and functional efficiency.

Empowering Indian Industries. Cost-Effective Power Solutions. Supporting Indian Economy

Industrial Cooling systems for comfort cooling, bridge cooling, process cooling, and rapid cooling.

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With certified quality products from technologically advanced partners and commitment towards post-implementation service, we are establishing trustworthy rental solutions. And we are doing the same since 1994. We have proposed successful solutions for testing, drilling, production, and decommissioning functions.

The team of experts at Shah Engineering have practical experience of working with various private and government industries (Explore our clients). Our team has attained extensive knowledge about the project life cycle followed within the industries which have the same functional complexity and stature as that of the oil & gas industry.