Refinery and Petrochemicals

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The refinery and petrochemical industry in India is on the cusp of significant change. For sustainable growth, the industry is made to go through digital transformation. The technology-enthusiastic India is focused on optimized use of resources and minimizing the wastage of energy and power in any form. And just like the oil and gas industry (or as a matter of fact, any other sector), lowering down the operational cost by implementing power-efficient solutions is one of the keys for achieving the noble motive. Since there are industry-specific challenges and requirements, there is a need for an individualistic approach towards treating contingency planning and customer requirements for refinery and petrochemical plants. And you guessed it right! Shah Engineering has hands-on experience, certified products partner, and expert team to provide comfortable air quality levels, a qualitative process for dehumidification, and power requirements for refinery’s plant and devices.

Advantages that we have delivered

Temperature control is a crucial factor in the refining and petrochemical industry. When Essar Refinery Ltd., Gujarat, faced the higher temperature issue of HSD and MS at filling area for transportation (they observed the temperature of 380C instead of 350C), they have to approach us for the ideal temperature control solution. Read the complete case study of Essar Refinery Ltd. This case study will give you a better understanding of our methods of proposing and implementing solutions in the field of power and temperature control equipment hire.

So far, our temperature control and powering rental solutions have brought the following functional advantages to our clients:

Reduced downtime because of the use of an industrial cooling solution.

Better process control in case of unexpected outages.

Custom-fit equipment to cover the functional challenges of the industry.

Extensive range of cooling and power solution and equipment.

Process and rapid cooling are two of the most required solutions in this industry. We have great built-quality and technologically smart products to cater to this high-end need. Also, we can be looked upon for rentals of varied lines of heat exchangers, be it shell and tube heat exchangers, water or air-cooled chillers for cooling & dehumidification, and the diesel power generators. The refinery and petrochemical industry is facing a few challenging conditions due to the US-China trade war. Sustainable solutions like the ones we provide can help in sustainability along with achieving profitable returns on investment.