Reliable Cooling (Temperature control) & Power Partner. Catering Events. Resolution Guaranteed.

The success of any event is, of course, the perfect lights and uninterrupted power supply and comfortable temperature. The host and organizers of the event have tons of great ideas about how to put forward a flawless show for the audience. While they are all busy with creativity, they need support from backstage to put their sizzling thoughts into action. Working silently behind the scenes, Shah Engineering makes sure the power does not go offline, and people feel comfortable under the perfectly maintained temperature of the venue. Our offerings include rental air conditioners for comfort cooling of the event venue, heaters for maintaining warm during winter events and power generators for temporary power solutions.

On-Board for Handling Different Sorts of Events

Providing power and temperature control equipment may look basic, but it is more elaborated than anyone can think. A pleasant, enjoyable event venue can turn into a chaotic ground in case of a power shutdown or music interruption or even due to the lousy arrangement of lights. Achieving subtlety and expertise in catering power and cooling needs of the event is more of an art than science.

This is what we can do for you

Powering special effects, maintaining the studio’s right temperature and power live telecasts of your film, television or theatre performance.

We are sports enthusiasts. We assist in providing uninterrupted live and on-air sports telecasts to reach every fan by powering the sports event, providing proper lighting and power backups. Our Cooling solution keeps audience cool in any hot situation.

We assist you in gearing up for the festivals and concerts through our quality diesel power generator available for rent.

We are also there with you for any of your corporate, political, and social events. New product launch, a political campaign, or cultural show, you name it, and we say yes to power up your whole event, providing appeasing environment via air conditioners and put up lights to brighten the event setup.

And last but not the least, you can summon our professional and expert rental services for your private parties, to cater to the need for power equipment and temperature control requirement.

In nutshell, we can assist any possible event one can think of.

All the cooling (temperature control) and power equipment is designed using sophisticated technology hence, they can be your reliable partners in those times of need. Also, they are designed to be portable and can fit in most of the spaces.