Data Center

Industries Shah Engineering offers aids to.

Shah Engineering excels in incorporating the best rental products and services in data centres. In case of unwated breakdown of any equipment or planned shutdown, we support our clients with reliable, efficiency and safe equipment and solution related to Cooling and Power. Our team understand IT parks requirements and also know importance of Cooling and Power for them. Our experience engineers offer best solution to address any emergencies as well planned requirement. We also exercise for potential risk and it’s mitigation plan for Cooling and Power with commitment on delivery to deliverables. We also offer our solution for longterm hire and lease too.

Vital Pieces of Service Equipments for Data Centers

Comfort Cooling:As the need for cooling is indispensable in data centres, We as Vardayani offer our services with our mobile, Modular and plug and play featured, Chiller on rent, Airconditioner on rent, DG Set on rent with all required accessroes to continue the Data Centre’s operation without any truble.

Bridge Cooling:Data centres with Vardayani’s bridge cooling solution will surely proffer ultimate results to address shortage of cooling due to fault in the system, seasonal effect, expansion or any other reason.

Trial & Test:To meet the expected result considering various possible situation, Vardayani also renders to trial and test enquiries in a hassle-free manner to derive firm requirement for capax.

Temporary Power:There are multiple tires available to ensure power availability still, to ensure power availability in case of certain emergency or contingency planning, the company has excellent power solutions with Diesel generator that serve the purpose well on time.

Bridge Power: The engineers provide easy to process bridge power using the best industrial DG set on rent service.

Enhance The Ability Of Data Centers with Shah Engineering

Superior Quality Assured At All Levels:With Vardayani’s super-efficient temperature control using industrial cooling systems and industrial air handlers, the reliability in add situation of the data centres has become unparalleled.

Exceptional Performance Delivery:The data centres will witness a reliable source for quick, reliable and efficient services. Rental equipments by Shah Engineering has the potential to elevate the speed processes in data centers, also cater to any emergency service and solution requirements.

24/7 Uptime Guarantee:The company’s powerful power generators impart high resilience to your site and maintains an uninterrupted power supply. This automatically augments the uptime with an assured uptime at all times.

On-demand Support Provision:The technical support team is always ready to offer technical assistance whenever necessary.