Better Infrastructure. Better India. Better World.

Well-built and maintained infrastructure is one of the metrics to define the growth of any country. The Indian construction industry accounts for 8% of India’s GDP and is the second largest industry here. It is the largest employment generators by creating direct and indirect employment for more than 44 million people, with more new jobs every year. About 250 other industries, such as steel, brick, cement, and construction materials, depending upon the construction industry. The average annual electricity consumption for space conditioning and lighting in India is around 80 KWh/m2 and 160 KWh/m2 for residential and commercial buildings, respectively.

In support of the construction industry, the technologically advanced power and cooling solutions must be readily available. Renting these resources is an even more cost-effective offering. That is what we do at Shah Engineering.

We are matching our pace with construction industry

Like all other industries, the construction domain is also going through rough times due to the rise in inflation. The companies are looking for sustainable alternatives in the field of power generation and building materials to build infrastructure at affordable prices. The initiative by the government of India “Housing for all by 2022” is a scheme in this direction.

And we are part of this initiative in our way.

Our high quality and affordable rental equipment for power backup help in the continuous construction process and on-time completion. The temperature control equipment keeps the building materials and structures in the useable condition. The sudden heat, cold, and moisture can distort the construction material and the main frame of the building. The use of air handlers, heat exchangers, and heaters during such havoc situations can help in preventing micro-fractures due to drying of concrete, protect the drywall, carpet, and interior finishes from humid conditions and more similar instances.

We also keep flexible scope for emergencies and sudden hike in power and temperature control demands. Our products line come from the certified partners that have built the equipment in accordance with the quality standards, set up by the world and local certifying authorities. Rest assured!