Heat Exchanger rental

Shell / Tube Heat Exchangers

Owing to the peak performance delivery, our shell/tube heat exchangers come with custom-tailored specifications. Our experienced team handles all the heat exchangers with optimum care and offer assured quality to the clients. Besides this, the unmatched back-up and support also subside our consistent service.

Product Information
Capacity Range
20 m2 to 150 m2
-30 Deg. C to 300 Deg. C
up to 16 Kg/cm2
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  • Space compact design frame with smooth portability

  • Completely hygienic overall framework with no chance of contamination

  • Fully tested for optimum pressure along with brilliant process cooling

  • High ability to achieve high customer satisfaction

  • Easy-Going performance with no risk accounts for safe investment

  • Furnished with process cooling solutions