Air Cooled Chiller

About Air Cooled Chiller

Our high-end air-cooled chillers surpass all the quality tests with bright colors. They are designed with smart energy technological solutions to satisfy the demands of the clients as well as keep in mind the environment friendliness. Our convenient range of products impart a guaranteed performance that is undoubtedly the best in the market.

Product Information
Capacity Range
25 TR to 250 TR each module
Temperature range
10 Deg. C to -20 Deg.
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  • Availability of easy to operate top-notch automated systems

  • Use of eco-friendly and energy-efficient refrigerators and compressors

  • Best temperature controlling expansion valves and tested automated systems

  • No water or chemical consumption

  • High Energy saving capabilities with super smooth installations

  • No maintenance required for Air Cooled rejection systems